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Tax Efficiency Planning

Tax planning encompasses many aspects of our lives, from investment to estate analysis. We not only look at the current picture, but how strategies can be developed to help minimize taxes payable over generations. Effective tax planning must be proactive and intentional. Working closely with accountants and attorneys, we often take the lead in creating a solid plan.

Examples of where we lend experience in tax planning strategies:

  • Tax efficient investment and retirement income planning
  • Executive retirement and stock transition analysis
  • Estate and legacy needs, including working closely with beneficiaries

Case Profile

Jason and Pam have always tried to keep up with the markets, and investing in general. They enjoy it, and have done fairly well. However, over the years, it seems like taxes have become just as important in their strategy. Jason, a senior manager, has a 401k with employer stock inside, plus he qualifies for several types of stock incentive plans. In addition, their other investments seem to be getting more and more complex. As they get into the retirement and legacy planning phase of their lives, they wonder about efficient distribution from all of their accounts and how best to prepare their children in a tax efficient manner.

*This example is for hypothetical purposes only. It is not intended to portray past or future investment performance for any specific investment.

We suggest that you discuss your specific tax issues with a qualified tax advisor