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Comprehensive Services

How We Help You

Bishop Financial Advisors provides complete financial planning strategies. Our experience is in the design and implementation of comprehensive financial plans. See below for a full list of our comprehensive services:

Financial Planning

  • Development of a personalized financial plan
  • Asset and liability analysis
  • Construction of a personal balance sheet
  • Consultation on diversification, portfolio overlap, and risk sources
  • Aggregation of outside assets
  • Client access to interactive planning tools
  • Cash-flow and retirement projections
  • Scenario analysis
  • Explanation of guaranteed income sources
  • Strategies for concentrated positions
  • Analysis of employer retirement plans and executive compensation
  • Charitable giving strategies
  • Major purchase analysis and planning
  • Education and guidance on mortgage options
  • Periodic assessment of progress

Asset Managment

  • Strategies for accumulation, preservation, and income
  • Access to institutional money management portfolios
  • Goals-based portfolio management
  • Close monitoring and control over investment costs
  • Active and passive investing strategies
  • Tactical and tax-managed portfolios
  • A robust platform of separately managed accounts
  • Access to individual bond solutions
  • Distribution strategies for predictable income
  • Cash Management solutions and access to securities-based lending
  • The ability to transition asset in kind for tax planning purposes
  • Consideration around existing employer plans and assets
  • Access to outside experts via business partners
  • Ongoing monitoring and research of the industry and opportunities

Tax Efficiency Strategies & Risk Management

  • A focus on the tax-implications of planning and investment decisions
  • Tax-managed investment strategies to help maximize after-tax return
  • The ability to integrate and plan around highly concentrated securities
  • Evaluation of taxes on insurance and annuity products
  • Tax-projections as part of financial and cash-flow planning
  • Charitable giving and gifting strategies as a tool for tax management
  • Executive benefit review including options, etc.
  • Monitoring of over changing tax laws
  • Insurance analysis relating to assets & long-term planning
  • Evaluation of life and long-term care insurance as part of the plan
  • Education on types of insurance and potential use

Legacy & Multi-Generational Planning

  • Estate Planning and general education
  • Family coordination
  • Help with asset titling and beneficiary considerations
  • Educational funding solutions
  • Charitable giving strategies and legacy planning
  • Assistance establishing Donor Advised Funds and charitable trusts
  • Connections with local estate planning attorneys and resources 

Bishop Financial Advisors does not provide tax or legal advice. Please consult your CPA or attorney before making any tax or legal decisions.

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